Dental Handpiece Lubrication Device

///Dental Handpiece Lubrication Device
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    Project Description

    Economical, efficient and time-saving.

    Three handpieces (2 high speed handpieces and 1 low speed handpiece)

    can be cleaned and keeping hands clean.

    Improve the lifespan of handpieces.

    Fits for most of handpieces.

    Working steps:

    -1- Put the handpieces into the machine.

    -2- Close the door.

    -3- Set the time Short, Long or Extra -long.

    -4- Push the “Start” button.


    Handpieces Port:3
    Rated Voltage:AC220V+/-22V   50Hz +/- 10Hz
    Input Voltage:12V
    Turning Speed:3, 000 rpm/min
    Working Temperature:5~40 degree centigrade
    Air Pressure:0.25~0.3 Mpa
    Net Weight:7kgs