Dental Lab Equipment Sealing Machine

///Dental Lab Equipment Sealing Machine
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    Project Description

    Economic, practical, exquisite design, applied to food, medicine, etc.

    Copper transformer, stable quality, durable.

    High quality silicone rubber piece, higher heat resistance.

    Longer service life, ensure better effective sealing.

    Designed to avoid cutting accidents and protect hands.

    Working steps:

    -1- Keep the sealing platform always clean.

    -2- Place the sealed envelopes with instruments into the autoclave.

    -3- Replace the blade after cutting around 800 times.

    -4- Replace heat-resisting fabric after sealing about 500 times or inefficient seal.


    Rated Voltage:AC220V+/-22V   50Hz +/- 10Hz
    Dimensions:500*120*175 mm
    Net Weight:4.50 kgs